Draw on a paper
It is an application for drawing pictures or illustrators and writing letters on a paper by tracing images on the screen.

We recommend this app to following users.
- Who wants to draw good pictures/illustrations.
- Who wants to write beautiful letters.

How to use
- If you want to draw good pictures/illustrations.
1. Load a stored image or take a picture you want to draw
2. Adjust the position and size of the image
3. Lock the screen by tapping "TRACE" button
4. Place a paper on the screen and trace the image

- If you want to write beautiful letters.
1. Enter the text you want to write by tapping "TEXT" button
2. Select a font and the properties of the text
3. Tap the position of the text
4. Lock the screen by tapping "TRACE" button
5. Place a paper on the screen and trace the text

Picture, art, illustration, image, drawing, painting, trace, right box, tracing paper, letter, font, cursive, lightbox

■About fonts
This application using following fonts

■About library
This application using following library
- https://github.com/CyberAgent/android-gpuimage/blob/develop/README.md
- license : http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0